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Our heartfelt appreciation to the 2007 San Diego fire survivor who recommended CARe services to the Colorado Springs fire survivors who lost their homes June 26, 2012. Due to his recommendation the Colorado Springs community invited CARe to present two fire recovery seminars attended by over 200 homeowners. We also met with over two dozen fire survivors one-on-one to begin their instruction regarding their insurance claims process. We are also scheduling future events to help more of the disaster survivors in the area.

CARe gives instruction to Waldo Canyon Fire survivors

We offer  our gratitude to Colorado Springs HBA-Cares and the two local HOA’s affected by the fire as well as the Garden of the Gods Club and Lodge who are making our instructional program available to the Colorado Springs community.
CARe’s instruction was received with enthusiasm as homeowners remained well beyond the meeting’s time to ask additional questions and to begin the process of developing policy groups.  CARe, as usual, began its instruction with it basic insurance policy, personal property inventory and scope of loss information. CARe heard from fire survivors some good news: Homeowners reported substantial payments approaching policy limits and many reported that their insurer had paid 60 and 75% of personal property coverage. Also, no homeowner reported having hired a Public Adjuster.
However, within hours, insurance problems, identical to the issues experienced in San Diego, Poway, Lake Arrowhead and all the other areas where we have delivered our services, unfortunately emerged. Californians are not alone: unreasonably high depreciation, no ALE funds available, no insurance and underinsurance are issues that will need to be addressed and resolved by and for the Waldo Canyon fire survivors.
If you ‘d like to help with our Colorado Springs program, please consider sending your donation to CARe.

Inspirational Quotes

Farrel: "The house being gone is just about like having, you know, someone you love, a relative, that was just there all the time, but they've died." Allison: "It's kind of like a death in the family. It's gone and you can't get it back."

Farrel and Debbie Allison, Greenburg KS Resident, Episode 3; Greensburg


I just wanted to let you know that I have just settled with my insurance company, and I am very satisfied. I attribute that to the information and advice I received from CARe.

Slide Fire Survivor, 2007