Policy Ensurance is written by Tony Braga and published by Acorn Library.  The first copyright was 1977, but has gone through many updates and was just updated and republished in 2005 which is when I first found it. The book is available at bookstores and online at stores such as Amazon.  The list price is $17.95, but I had no problem finding it used for about $11.  

You can also visit the author's website at
Tony was an insurance company adjuster for many years.  He explains his job was to "...make company inspired settlements with policyholders who lacked fundamental information and adjusting skills."  He explains that "Knowledge is leverage.  The more you know, the more you have adjusting power.... It is the continuing fate of unknowing, unprepared policyholders to deal ineffectively.... It is difficult to imagine doing something in an area of which you know little or nothing, no matter how simple the task."
The first part of the book helps form the mindset that it is OUR responsibility to determine our loss, not the adjusters.  It is the adjuster's responsibility to determine how much the insurance company will pay the claimant.  The difference between the loss and what the adjuster initially agrees to pay is where the negotiation (aka adjusting) begins.
The book is packed with useful information.  It lists insurance deadlines and has blank forms as well as example forms showing you how you should fill them out. The book covers the history of property insurance as well as insurance company monetary statistics, lists of regulatory authorities, unfair claims practices codes and regulations, quotes from adjusters training books (scary) and California's Unfair Practice insurance Codes.  The middle of the book does get a bit dry with dozens... if not hundreds... of court cases showing you how the court has ruled in the past, but can be invaluable for a claimant trying to win a point. In short, this book is an invaluable resource all in one short (148 page, large type) book.

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