The recovery process can be so overwhelming that we can sometimes rely on a word on a handshake... only to find out that the other party is not holding up to their end of the bargain. Don't forget that if promises are made by anyone that you should get that promise in writing.
For example the insurance company might promise that something in particular will be covered even though it is not specified in your policy. A contractor might promise to add something that was not in your original contract or a lawyer might promise to only charge a certain amount. In all of these cases if you have the agreement in writing it will be much easier to "collect" on these promises.
Have the adjuster point out in your policy where those things are covered, or get them to write a letter explaining the coverage to you. If they can't then write a letter to them explaining what the adjuster told you. When signing a contract or retainer, always take your time before signing. Take it home and review it to make sure it includes everything you think it does and ask questions about those things that aren't clear. Have a professional third party review it. You want to be perfectly clear on the agreement you're getting in to.

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I had somebody say, boy it must be nice to get all new furniture and a new house and its like, well ugh, duh, yeah if you want to go through a tornado to get it.

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I'm in Virginia and was lucky enough to find your website and all the support you provide to fire victims. I am profoundly grateful for the support and solid advice I found here.

Individual Survivor, 2008